• 提案力

    Ability to make proposals to arrange a total system Ability to make proposals

    We listen to the materials, application conditions, accuracy, etc. used by our customers, conduct tests in some cases, and propose a total system by selecting the most suitable equipment to realize their requirements. We also contribute to solutions for various issues such as labor saving, SDGs, cost reduction, energy saving, etc.

  • 技術力

    Technical capabilities to produce full-order products Technological strength

    Our company’s main products are pumps for high-viscosity fluids. In addition to pumping fluids, we can also handle bubble-free filling of empty containers, high-precision fixed-quantity mixing and discharging, line drawing and spray application using robots, and 2- and 3- component fixed-quantity mixing and discharging. We also have extensive experience in designing and manufacturing special nozzles for workpieces with complex shapes. Furthermore, we have the technical capabilities to handle FA equipment for conveyance, metering, stoppering, image inspection, and even the programs that control these processes.

  • 育成力

    Ability to train engineers to become engineers with a thorough knowledge of our products Ability to bring up

    We have the ability to create training programs tailored to each individual and develop even inexperienced workers into human resources who can contribute to the company. First, they learn about the basic structure, applications, and materials of the company’s products through classroom lectures and hands-on experience with actual equipment, and then disassemble the products to gain a more detailed understanding of their inner workings using 3D CAD and animation. We also actively utilize external training courses, seminars, and e-learning programs to improve knowledge and enable individual skill development.

  • チャレンジ精神

    A challenging spirit to boldly take on cutting-edge technology Spirit of challenge

    In addition to new materials in high-viscosity fluids, which is our specialty, we are actively challenging the development of new products that incorporate various ideas and technologies. We are not constrained by past experience, but are committed to the spirit of “if we don’t have it, we will make it.


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